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    Customer opinion survey form
    Name:Sir (madam)
    Thank you for reading this questionnaire, in order to improve our overall level of "fujian aluminum" products and services, and better serve our customers
    If you have any comments, please fill out and check this questionnaire. We will take your Suggestions seriously. For any complaints, please dial 400-918-6688 directly. Thank you for your support.Fuel together 2022!
    About Nanping Aluminum Product Image Exhibition Hall

    1. Do you need to set up "Min aluminum" product image exhibition hall

    2. "Min aluminum" exhibition hall to be set up site

    3. "Min aluminum" exhibition hall should have perfect elements

    4. If you have set up "Min aluminum" exhibition hall, its decoration design style

    About the brand image of the dealer store "minal"

    1. Is there a store in the area where you sell "minal" products

    2. Your store is located in the city area

    3. Do you need to buy and update POP promotion poster regularly

    4. Whether to buy fujian aluminum product quality assurance steel brand in your store

    5. Do you want to buy minal products licensed to sell steel brand

    6. You have designed the outer packing and laminating of minal profile products

    7. My store does not have the sign advertisement of "min aluminum", please help to unify the design and manufacture

    Detailed dimension:
    About the advertising of "min aluminum" in the sales area

    1. Your distribution of "minal" products in the region of public awareness of the brand

    2. Do you need product TV ads

    3. Do you need a street sign advertisement

    4. Do you need to hold a product exhibition

    5. Trade magazine advertising

    6. Subway station bus line car body advertisement

    7. Advertisements are broadcast on the communication channel

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